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Viewings are welcome any time give us a ring to arrange a convenient time for you. During the viewing we will try and show you as much of the nursery as possible but feel free to ask to see any areas or records. Take the time to ask any questions.

If you decide you would like to start at Silwli return the registration form with the required non refundable booking fee. This covers the administration costs. Children are admitted to Si-lwli according to the parents/carers requirements and availability of places. We operate a totally non-discriminatory policy which may be viewed in our policy page. When your required spaces come available we will contact you with further information and organize settling sessions leading up to the start date


Starting a nursery can be an emotional time for the parents and children so we want to make sure we help with the process. The settling in period is tailored to the needs of the individual family. During the first visit the senior member of staff will collect the information needed from the parents in order to ease the transition from home to nursery. This is an ideal opportunity for the parents to ask questions and observe their child in the environment. The subsequent sessions are planned around the needs of the individual child. It can take some time for children to settle therefore we take our time and plan short consecutive days building up the time in which the children are away from loved ones. This allows the children to develop and strengthen relationships at the nursery and to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

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